Ending the training class of gongs and ethnic instruments in 2018

In the afternoon on June 20th, Culture Center of Dak Lak held the training-class ending ceremony of gongs and ethnic musical instruments in 2018.

The training class of gongs and ethnic musical instruments had thirty-two trainees from eleven districts, towns and cities and three units including Dak Lak Border Guard Command, Provincial Military Command, Commando Brigade198, and propagandists and actors of the Provincial Cultural Center consisting of two groups: the basic learning group and the advanced learning group. During ten days, under the instruction of the meritorious artist Vu Lan, member of Vietnamese Association of Musicians and Mr. Ngo Duc Lap, Head Division of Ethnic Arts, Group of Ethnic Song and Dance, thirty-two trainees basically learnt about pieces and their tones of gong music and knew how to hold the gong-sticks, to play gongs and musical instruments. This class aimed to provide basic knowledge for the cadres in charge of methods and skills of playing gongs and ethnic musical instruments, contributing to maintain and promote traditional cultural values of the ethnic peoples in the Central Highlands. At the ending ceremony, the thirty-two trainees were granted certificates, including seventeen good trainees, ten distinction trainees and five pass trainees.

Trainees playing the gong Kram (imitating-gong bamboo instrument)

Trainees practicing to play gongs

Trainees practicing to play gongs

Overview of the ending ceremony

Mr. Bui Van Khoi speaking to end the training class