Dak Lak Museum restoring the Jar Ritual

To preserve the Ede’s particular culture, on October 13rd, Dak Lak Museum in coordination with the family of Mr. Y’Wut Mlo and Mrs. H’Yuoh Nie in Tai village, Krong Jing, M’drak held to restore the Ede’s New Jar Ritual.

Offerings consist of one pig, one bronze tray, one branch of Melia azedarach, a pole for rice wine jar, six bronze bracelets, three bead necklaces, three rice big-bowls, three bowls of rice wine, three bowls of meat and blood mixture, three dishes of meat and viscera, cigarette, candles which are offered in the interior house to practice the ritual. The rite is quite simple, after reparation, the house owner informs the villagers about the purchase of new Jar and invites the villagers to participate in the ritual. When gong sound resounds, the sorcerer on behalf of the house owner reads the ritual lessons to call the Spirit entering to the new Jar. In the ritual, the host and hostess eat and drink the offerings, then the sorcerer puts on the Jar three bronze bracelets, two bracelets for the husband and one for the wife. After the bracelets worn, the sorcerer prays for Yang and ancestors to make the host and hostess healthy, lucky and peaceful. Nextly, they move the stem sucking rice wine following the rite Mnam ring. The participants take their turns, from the host and hostess then sisters, children, unlces to guests, come and enjoy the rice wine. Finishing the rites, the familiy invites relatives, gong players and all participants to enjoy food and drink rice wine. Dak Lak Museum organizes the restoration of the Jar Ritual in order to supplement and enrich sources of materials, photos and films related to the ritual used in the temporary exhibition "Jars in the Ede’s living in Dak Lak". These sources also serve for research and exhibition at the Museum to raise the people’s awareness of preserving and promoting the good cultural values ​​of the nation, which raises counciousness of preserving and promoting heritage values ​​of the Ede in particular and other ethnic people in general.

Preparation for the ritual

Preparing the pole for rice wine

Prepare offerings

The sorcerer on behalf of the host practising the rite calling the Spirit to enter the new jar

Wearing the bronze bracelets for the Jar

Wearing the bronze bracelet on the host wrist to wish him a good health

The host and hostess drinking rice wine

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