The scenic monument of Son Long waterfall is about 87 km from the center of Buon Ma Thuot city to the northeast, in the administrative territory of Tam Dien village, Ea Tam commune, Krong Nang district. The entire land area is located in sub-zones 316 and 323 under the control of Krong Nang Watershed Protection Forest Management Board.

Son Long Waterfall is one of the beautiful landscapes originating from Ea Puk stream - the stream that flows from Krong Nang district to Ea Kar district. On the flow of Ea Puk stream, there are many beautiful waterfalls, one of which is Son Long..


Located deep in the Krong Nang watershed protection forest, with a length from upstream to downstream of about 1300 m, the height difference from the foot to the top of the waterfall is about 180 m. Son Long waterfall consists of three floors, water bounces through each stone step, white foam creating a natural, wild and majestic beauty.


Like many rivers and waterfalls on Dak Lak plateau, Son Long waterfall is associated with stories and legends told by people around the region.


The story is that when the residents of the mountainous north came to Ea Tam, discovered a beautiful waterfall like a small dragon hiding the high mountains. They believed that this was a small dragon possessed by the Dragon King in the sea far away to create favorable rain and wind, lush trees, bountiful crops, healthy people, warm and happy homes.


According to the Tay – Nung,  the Dragon is called Tua Luồngand is embellished, elevating the beauty to "Luồng Hoa " or "Cầu vồng - Rainbow". " Luồng Hoa " can suck drinking water, even suck people up from the ground. Children are often reminded to pay attention or "Rainbow" - "Luồng Hoa" will sweep them up into the clouds. At the same time, the old people often teach their children that the dragon is a beautiful and humane symbol, but “Lai luồng nhỉnh nặm” - if there are many dragons, they will rely on others without releasing water; then the dragon will no longer have clouds to live and will become “Luồng thất rí piến ngù pần thôi” - the lost Dragon turns into a snake. This reminds everyone to live as noble as the Dragon, especially to keep themselves so as not to turn into poisonous snake like the Dragon when they lost.


The mountainous Northern residents in Ea Tam commune called the waterfall where the little dragon resides Son Long waterfall. They always remind children and grandchildren to live well, love, care for and help each other like the the Dragon’s good qualities, always respect and protect Son Long waterfall so that the little Dragon can live forever in the waterfall to give protection and creat good weather, bumper crops and a full life for the land and people here.


Through the stories of the v elders in Wiâo village, Ur village, Krong Nang district, Son Long waterfall has legendary colors:


In the old days, when the gods still ruled the sky, rivers and mountains; the goddesses ruled the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumnand Winter; the chiefs still ruled the lands and villages; there was, right there, a waterfall (now belongs to Ea Tam commune, Krong Nang district) was ruled by a beautiful and talented Queen. People called the Queen H'Juh, her body was as beautiful as the sun, her face was as prettiful as the moon, her skin was white as cotton, her eyes were as bright as the stars, her teeth were as white as ivory, her hair was as smooth as cloud and her voice echoed like a gong. However, very few people had a chance to meet and admire the Queen's true face.


The Queen lived on the top floor of the waterfall located in the middle of a deep forest, so people around the area call it Drai H'Juh (Queen Waterfall). The Queen usually transformed into a human to talk to the old villagers; whenever there was a drought, the villagere come to Drai H'Juh begging the Queen for rain. She would control the water in the cascades to flow into streams and upland fields, helping the villagers have an abundant water source to irrigate fields and gardens, full of lush fruit trees, bumper crops to bring a prosperous life. She also granted the villagers unpolluted fresh water source to use in daily activities.

Whenever someone in the village went to find bamboo shoots, hunted and got lost in the deep forest, could not find the way back, just sincerely pray:

“Hey, God of the river, God of the mountain! Hey, the Queen-H'Juh! My family is poor, my stomach is not full, my shirt is not enough to wear, so I have to find something to eat, I have to hunt deer, rabbit. Now I don't know the way home with my old mother and young children, if there is a love, please drive our feet to go in the right direction, our eyes see the way to go home. I owe you a debt of gratitude”. you


Just like that, the stray keeps calling, the Queen - H'Juh hears the cry, turns the grass and trees, paving the way to lead the villagers go home. Occasionally, the Queen saves people who drown in rivers, streams, and waterfalls where she governs”.


In the village, there were couples who had been married for a long time but had not any children although they wished to have a child to rely on when they are old. They dressed in brocade clothes, bring sacrifices including chicken, Can wine (a kind of alcohol made by fermenting rice in a jar, suck with a stem, pig head and they walk through three hills, wade across streams, climb waterfalls to reach the Queen's residence to make offerings begging for having children. The Queen would make gourds of water for the wives to bring home to drink. After drinking these gourds, they felt refreshed, unusually alert and the wife became pregnant, and in the following growing season, she gave birth to a son or daughter”.


The Queen’s assistance and actions were deeply grateful, trusted and respected by the villagers. Therefore, her name has been used to call the waterfall where she resides, Drai H'Juh. However, this name is now little known because the Ede living near the waterfall have almost evacuated in many places in Krong Nang district, Buon Ho town, Dak Lak province.


Son Long Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall, the waterfall scene still retains its pristine beauty, without human impact. In addition to the poetic and majestic natural landscape, Son Long waterfall is also part of the forest area of ​​Krong Nang Watershed Protection Forest Management Board with the planned area of ​​20 hectares, so the flora on both sides of the waterfall is rich and diverse. This place is extremely convenient for attracting tourists.


The scenic monument of Son Long Waterfall, Ea Tam commune, Krong Nang district was ranked as a provincial relic by People’s Committee of Dak Lak Province pursuant to Decision No. 2674/QD-UBND dated November 5th, 2020.