Publish the book "70 years of patriotic emulation"

Implementing the Instructions No. 22-CT/TW dated January 23rd, 2018 of Secretariat on promoting patriotic emulation movements towards the 70th anniversary when President Ho Chi Minh launched "Appealing for patriotic emulation” (June 11th, 1948 - June 11th, 2018), Vietnam News Agency in cooperation with Central Commission of Emulation and Reward compiled and published the book "70 years of patriotic emulation" (1948 -2018).

The content of the book summarizes lessons learned through the patriotic emulation movements. It includes five main parts: "Patriotic emulation in resistance war for building country" (1945-1954), "Patriotic emulation in building socialism and struggling for reunification of the country" (1955-1975), "Patriotic emulation in building and defending the socialism fatherland" (1976-1985), "Patriotic emulation in the first 15 years of innovation implementation (1986-2000) and "Patriotic emulation in the comprehensive promoting period of the innovation between 2001 and 2018". The book gathers together about 300 photos selected from many sources, along with some documents and articles reflecting the patriotic emulation movement from the first National Emulation Congress (May 1952) to the ninth National Emulation Congress (December 2015).

Cover of the book “70 years of patriotic emulation” (1948-2018)